KPs Den
Verze 3.3.5a
Typ PvE
XP násobek Very high
Limit 1000
Průměrně hráčů 100
Online 0%
Odezva ?
Emulator Trinity
Umístění V zahraničí
Přidáno Středa 06. října 2010 - 00:52:22
Port 3724
Založil KingPin
Krátký popis serveru

KPsN has 2 realms : The Den - PvE Server Asgard - PvPFFA Server : pvp is open *anywhere* in the world both share same rates and special features listed below Rates: - [Monster XP: 35x][Quest XP: 85x][Money Drop Rate: 150x] talent points at level 80 : 170. Six primary professions can be learned per character, and all secondary skills can be learned per character. Daily Events. Friendly GM's. General Merchants Island. GM hosted events. All with rewards. Unique World Loot System and currency. All flight paths are unlocked from all flightmasters for use. Cross faction interaction = Horde and Alliance can chat, group, trade, and even guild together. Custom Gear. Donor Gear. Scripted Instances.rnWarp system and Teleporter NPC. Voluntary daily voting with excellent rewards! The server has a global channel that all may join in game. /join world Excellent community and friendly staff on hand.


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